Skin & Wound Education

Skin Assessment

Pressure injury assessment demystified for clarity of documentation and billing.

Wound Assessment

Need to know wound status and conditions to guide successful treatment plans.

Skin A&P  (Anatomy and Physiology)

Deep dive into the anatomy and physiology of the body’s largest organ.

Pressure Injury Staging

Practical Guide with the latest updates on Pressure Injury evaluation and documentation.

Skin Tears

Skin Tears

It’s a Traumatic wound: Identification, Classification and Treatment

Pathway to Wound Healing

Pathway to Wound Healing

On our pathway to wound healing, let’s review how various types of wounds, small and large, shallow and deep have specific paths to follow.

Pathway to Wound Healing

Wound Infection

Wound infections are on the rise! Learn to recognize local and spreading infections with NERDS & STONES!

Pathway to Wound Healing

Topical Products

Is the wound dry or moist? Learn which MedWay topical products are most effective?

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