Who We Are

The MedWay Group works with healthcare professionals across the continuum of care to provide high-performance wound care products and clinical best practices to wound care facilities and home health professionals to promote faster wound healing, increase efficiencies and improve quality of life for patients.

Staffed with experienced clinicians, engineers and award-winning customer service representatives, our team is committed to making novel wound care solutions and clinical best practices readily accessible and easy to apply, allowing clinicians and home care providers to spend more time getting to know their patients and less time worrying about medical supplies.

Our Mission

With a rapidly growing elderly population and the increasing prevalence of conditions associated with the development of chronic wounds, the MedWay Group is committed to advancing the science of wound care to improve patient outcomes and reduce the associated costs.

To that end, we actively work with clinicians, scientists and business partners around the world to develop novel solutions and caregiver protocols designed to mitigate the challenges presented by hard-to-heal wounds, accelerate the healing process, improve supply chain efficiencies and enhance quality of life.

Our History

Founded in 2008, the MedWay Group is a privately owned and operated global provider of best-in-class wound care solutions.

The company embraces the vision to create a world-class wound care organization that leverages best practices in manufacturing and logistics to deliver superior products at a lower cost.

Today, the MedWay Group has grown into an internationally recognized global provider of innovative wound care products, educational tools and support services with a reputation for going the extra mile to customize solutions around the needs of their customers.

Our Vision

Continuing to earn the trust of our customers means never resting on our laurels. The MedWay Group is committed to doing whatever it takes to provide best-in-class wound care solutions while driving meaningful innovation to find new, more economical ways to heal wounds faster, create efficiencies for our partners and enhance patient quality of life.


Coleen, Unit Manager of Nursing at Princeton Hospital

“This was my first experience with MedWay’s MedVance Silicone Dressing. The package was easy to open, the dressing went on smoothly and the patient was thrilled with its comfort and reliability. We’re planning for a hospital-wide conversion to MedVance.”

Judy, Business Manager from United Home Care

“My dressings were shipped and received within three days, including patient instructions, a help line and a complete satisfaction guarantee. Very easy dressing to work with and competitively priced.”

Bob, MedWay Select Distribution Partner from Florida

“Competitively priced. We were able to upgrade many of our customers from a competitive foam dressing to MedVance silicone dressings. The company was very flexible and attentive to our unique market situation.”

Cindy, Home Care Nurse from California

“Package was easy to open. Peel back was very cooperative. And, after four weeks, our patients are very happy with how much their wounds have healed.”

Best for making wounds heal faster.

“My husband had no complaints at all with the sore on his backside.”

Yes – love them!

“They work wonderfully on my incision after surgery.”

I’m a nurse and always use this dressing with my patients.

“Perfect product!”


“Really helps if you are sitting on the bed most of time.”

Thank you!

“This is an excellent product for diabetic foot ulcers. They arrived on time, too.”

Just what I was looking for.

“It’s hard to find silicone bordered dressings in small sizes. As a wound care nurse, I had never used MedVance silicone bordered dressings before. They’re just as good as the more well-known brands at a fraction of the cost. Great for people with sensitive skin. Will not strip epidermis upon removal.”

Amazing product

“and very affordable!”

Perfect for dermatologic surgical wounds.

“Not too sticky and no skin tearing.”
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