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Dymacare Wipes

Dymacare patient cleansing wipes eliminates tap water & basins where most contamination is likely.
Hospital acquired infections (HAI) have been linked to use of wash basins. Microorganisms are present
on basins used several times a day or often with several different patients.

Bed Bath Wipes

Dymacare cleansing wipes eliminates tap water & basins where standard of care studies have shown that there is a risk of contamination while bathing patients using a wash basin and cloth. Wash basins are used several times a day, often with different patients, increasing the risk of contamination. A study analyzing basin samples showed 62% of basins are contaminated.

Dymacare patient bathing removes the need for basins.
– Reduces HAI risk factors
– Better Health Outcomes
– Improves patient experience
– Improves friends & family scores

Our Dymacare Patient Cleansing Range:
Wash Mitts – Easy to use, allows nurses to have one hand free
Bed Bath Wipes – Easy to use, eliminates need for water & rinsing, makes bathing quicker
Shampoo Caps – Easy to use, eliminates need for water, no need to move the patient from the room

Continence Care Wipes

Dymacare Flushable Wipes –
Totally dispersible and 100% biodegradable wipes that are safe to flush. Our gentle wet wipes formula is suitable for continence care or everyday clean ups.

Dymacare 5 in 1 Continence Care Wipes –
An ideal all-in-one continence care solution with 5 in 1 action, that eliminates tap water & basins and standardizes care. Improves consistency of care and reduces chance of IAD.
– Barrier Protection
– Moisturizes
– Deodorizes
– Antibacterial
– Cleanses skin

  • Consistency & Quality -Consistent care from cloth to cloth, patient to patient.
  • Better Skin Care – Cleans, moisturizes & conditions the skin. pH balanced, dermatology tested.
  • Comfort – Reduced need of turning & lifting patients, less loss of body heat. Soft non-woven cloths are
    gentle to the vulnerable patients skin.
  • Cost Effective – No laundering of towels nor cloths required. Faster preparation & quicker bathing saves
    staff time.
  • More Hygienic – Remove dirty basins and concerns of tap water quality. Every cloth is easy to take out
    and free from micro-organisms.
Product Code Description Units/Pkg Packages/Case
#DY-206F-3 Bed Bath Wipes , 11×15 3 Packs of 6 wipes ea 90 packs
#DY-907-3 Wash Mitts, 11×15 3 Packs of 6 wipes ea 60 packs
#DY-300-3 Shampoo Caps 3 packs of 1 cap ea 30 packs
#DY-1156-3 Flushable Wipes, 11×15 3 packs of 6 wipes ea 90 packs
#DY-560-3 5 in 1 Continence Care, 11×15 3 packs of 6 wipes ea 90 packs

– No need to rinse.
– Can be used for full body cleansing.
– Can be warmed up in a microwave.
– Thick & strong wipes – gentle to the touch but tough enough for all cleaning needs.

Follow directions on the back of each package for each individual product usage.

To open the wipe packages: Pull on the tab on the top of the package where the Medway logo is located and peel back the liner to reveal the opening, this will also allow you to reseal the packages to keep them fresh and moist.

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